It should be clear that you can terminate the contract at any time if an end user violates the CLUE. It should also be clear how the end consumer can withdraw from the agreement if he wishes. Below is another example of the interconnection of BLArs or other legal agreements within the mobile application using the Vimeo app as an example. While a number of clauses can and should be included in any legal agreement of this type, some stand out as the most effective and decisive for an appropriate and effective legal licensing agreement. Insert a „Parameters” or „On” menu into your app and associate or place the license agreement (and other legal agreements!) in these screens. Let`s take a closer look at these important chords and the information you should contain. It is a good idea to refer to your other important legal agreements within your ECJ, for example.B. To your terms and conditions and your privacy policy. In this way, end-users can quickly read these important guidelines and understand how they are all related. You will also see that there is a useful link to the other key guidelines in one place.

This is the definition of ease of use. The agreements and terms of use of the EULA are very different and there are cases where you only want to use one or both. Determine how users can contact you if they have questions or questions about your end-user license agreement. This is a simple clause – all you need is a contact method, such as a phone number or email. Keep this up-to-date and accurate. However, you can add other methods if you have them. Instances in which you only want an LAE agreement are not very common these days. However, if you provide a license for an application that does not access the web and only works locally on the user`s mobile device, z.B.

a single purchase of desktop application software, this type of licensing agreement is sufficient and you do not need terms of use. The end user can only download or install the copy of the software if they accept these Terms of Use. In other words, think of an ECJ as a lease. The user pays for the use of the software, but the developer still owns it. Licensing agreements – end-user licensing agreements or DEEE agreements – are required when users download or install a mobile application, because the application is copyrighted and only a license can be transmitted to the user. Not surprisingly, the user`s license may contain restrictions. B, for example, a ban on a user of the app trying to reshape the app or resell the app. To prevent others from stealing your software, designs, technologies and other relevant information, you must declare that your intellectual property (IP) is protected by copyright. It is important that end-users understand that using your software does not mean that they have rights to reproduce, steal, share or sell your IP. It is important that users are informed in advance so that they know exactly what conditions they agree with and understand how to use your products and not.

Make sure your contract contains this type of section that limits the use of the license issued: In the illustration below, note how the „License Agreement” and other legal agreements are made available to users of the Apple App for the Vimeo iOS app: If you allow a user to download, access and use your mobile app, this cannot be done without restrictions and restrictions. This secures your own application and enforces copyright laws by users. In practical terms, this means that you can enforce the contract if the user agrees and the conditions are not ambiguous or unfair. While this company surrounds most of its restrictions in separate paragraphs, you can also draw up a list of restrictions. It depends on the nature of your business and