The same state remains responsible for social security, collects contributions and grants benefits without discrimination. For example, A1 certificates relating to current social security legislation and related rights remain in force. The impact of this social security agreement on the citizens of the United Kingdom and the Swiss In order to regulate the UK`s withdrawal from the FMPA and to guarantee the rights acquired by policyholders under the FMPA, a civil rights agreement has been reached between Switzerland and the United Kingdom. This agreement enters into force on 11.01.2021. It retains the rights under Schedule II (Coordination of Social Security) of the FMPA for persons under the FMPA before 01.01.2021. The government stressed that it would only use the agreement if Britain left the EU without a deal. Otherwise, relations between Bern and London would continue to be governed by the agreement on the free movement of persons, probably until the end of 2020. Nearly 35,400 Swiss live in the UK and around 41,400 in the UK live in Switzerland. What about Social Security? If no new rules could be adopted, we will re-engage in the application of the „old” agreement between Great Britain and Switzerland of 21 February 1968. This agreement, implemented in the late 1960s, is no longer relevant as it does not address the multiple aspect of social security of the use of mobile labour.

Their scope is limited to old-age pension and sets the rules for payment of contributions and entitlement to benefits. In addition, it guarantees the export of annuities. Note: British nationals working in Switzerland and another EU Member State are also affected by Brexit, as EU social security coordination rules will no longer apply to such cases in the future. However, it is likely that the old 1968 bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the United Kingdom will enter into force on 1 January 2021 for a short period of time, until the future coordination system comes into force. For persons who are not in a cross-border situation on the date indicated, but who were previously insured in the United Kingdom or Switzerland, insurance periods completed before and after the specified date are taken into account when purchasing a Swiss or British pension. Their pensions can also be exported to the other country. The United Kingdom and Switzerland have reached an interim agreement to protect existing social security coordination agreements. This means that the citizens of the UK and Switzerland are now protected, regardless of the circumstances of the UK`s withdrawal from the EU. On 1 February 2020, the EU-UK withdrawal agreement came into force and brings Brexit to life.