A common mistake is that people think they can now date freely because they are separated. If a behaviour during a marriage had been considered adultery, it would still be considered adultery during the separation period, since the parties are still married. Any party may request a temporary hearing requesting discharge from the court during the separation period. If you learn about all aspects of family law in South Carolina, you will learn that there is no separation. Instead, you must request a temporary hearing and request a separate assistance and maintenance order, also known as the Marriage Separation Agreement form. There is a separation agreement called a „marriage comparison agreement” or „separate support and maintenance agreement.” This agreement is negotiated between the two parties. Your lawyer can help you negotiate to protect your interests. In South Carolina, the only way to get a mistake-free divorce is to live separately for a year. Separate residence occurs when the spouses live in two different places. The dwelling in different rooms in the same house is not considered to reside separately. Spouses do not need a separate maintenance and assistance order to live separately, but they can help spouses protect their financial interests and resolve visitation and custody issues during the separation period.

In South Carolina, a couple is married or unmarried. Separation in South Carolina simply means that you and your spouse no longer live together. There is no legal status between married and divorced persons, although there may be court orders during separation. While the whole experience of divorce or separation can be overwhelming, with a divorce lawyer on your side will go a long way to making the situation more manageable. No matter what the reasons for your divorce are or whether it is contested or unchallenged, it is essential that you be represented competently to defend your rights. You need a divorce lawyer who understands the process from the beginning. We understand what`s at stake, leave our experience on your side. Technically, there is no separation in South Carolina. However, you can get an order through separate support and maintenance, which was mentioned above.

It is a family judge who takes the order. After the separation, you can file the separation contract with the court. They are „legally separated” only if the court approves the contract. Note that this agreement is not considered a divorce. A separation agreement will cost you dearly. First, you must have a competent family lawyer who charges you a service fee. In the case of a support and separate support action, the appropriate place (the landkreis in which the appeal is to be brought) is the appropriate place: (1) The landkreis in which the parties last cohabited as husband and wife, unless the applicant is a foreigner to the territory, in which case he must be brought to the county where the defendant resides; 2. The county in which the defendant resides at the time of the opening of the appeal; or (3) The county in which the plaintiff resides and where the defendant is a foreigner or cannot be found according to the diligence of the offer.