Appendix 2, the rules for the application of Appendix 2 follow the provisions of the matrix for products classified in chapters 1 to 97 of the harmonized system. At the beginning of each chapter, the negative standard, primary rules, residual rules and definitions can be defined. This appendix sets the rules for determining the country of origin of a species if the origin of the products is not determined in Appendix 1. It will provide for the rules necessary to determine origin, including the primary rule and the residual rule and its application. In order to finalize the harmonization work programme, the WCO and the WTO have developed a comprehensive architectural project. The architecture will define the principles of application of the different rules and will give the final results of the application of these rules to certain cases. This appendix lists the definitions of products considered to have been fully retained in a country. It provides for the determination of the origin of live animals born and raised in this country, as well as plants and minerals harvested or collected in that country. Decisions of the Technical Committee on rules of origin | pdf | 9.37 kb Opinions still differ on the concept of minims, intermediate materials, fungible goods and set installation. During the Uruguay Round, participating countries recognized the need to make rules and practices in rules of origin transparent. Under the agreement, members are required to adhere to the following disciplines: the main objective was to avoid unnecessary obstacles to international trade flows. The agreement established a Harmonization Work Programme (HWP) to harmonize the rules of origin.