Seniorite: Applicants who learn early that they have been accepted to university may feel that if their goal is achieved, they have no reason to work hard for the rest of the year. Students applying early should be aware that colleges may postpone admissions if their final grades drop. Encourage students who wish to apply early to complete the NACAC Early Decisions Self-Assessment Questionnaire in the „Decision on Early Decisions and Early Action” document. You can also share this with parents. Whether or not a student can waive his or her advance ruling agreement depends on the situation of the student and the school to which he or she was admitted. The only valid reason that is generally accepted in all early childhood schools is when the financial assistance program offered does not allow attendance. If a student cannot afford to go to school, they can refuse the offer of admission and be exempted from the advance ruling agreement. Schools often allow students to break their commitment to education when there is an extreme personal or family issue, such as . B a sick relative. In these cases, there is no impact on the withdrawal from the agreement.

Reduced financial support options: Students who apply under emergency plans receive admissions and financial support at the same time, and therefore cannot compare financial aid from other colleges. For students who absolutely need financial support, applying early can be a risky option. .