„I think this may be a useful pause in the downward spiral of U.S.-China relations,” Susan Shirk, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, said of the trade deal. Chinese leader Xi Jinping said in a message to Trump that the deal was „beneficial to China, the United States and the world.” Xi also said the agreement shows that the two countries can find adequate and effective solutions to problems „on the basis of equality and mutual respect, through dialogue and consultation.” The deal was attacked by prominent Democrats, including Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, who criticized the deal because it was not about China`s state-owned enterprises and industrial subsidies. He suggested that President Xi was privately laughing at the United States and that China „brought President Trump to the cleaners.” In order to facilitate these payments, the People`s Bank of China opens one or more accounts with one or more commercial banks in India that have the right to trade currencies to be referred to as „A”. In addition, the People`s Bank of China will, if necessary, open another account with the Reserve Bank of India, called „B”. All payments between the two countries are made through account(s) „A”. Account „B” is only used to complete the credit in account(s) „N” whenever necessary. Payments made by the inhabitants of India to the inhabitants of the People`s Republic of China shall be made by crediting the amounts of such payments to the aforementioned „A” accounts. .

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