If you do not want to design your own contract, we have covered you: on the basis of Commonwealth law, a lessor is not allowed to unduly deny subletting permission to a principal tenant, unless a subletting ban was specifically mentioned in the original tenancy agreement. In addition, a tenant must obtain written consent from a landlord if he accepts a sublease. Tenants should also mail a letter with a return request for documented evidence of the tender. Illegal immigrants may be considered infringers by the landlord, and the presence of an unauthorized tenant may restore a reason for reporting. In such an agreement, it is absolutely essential that the original lease be consulted diligently. Massachusetts states that sublease is entirely legal as long as it is not expressly prohibited in the contents of the original fixed-term lease. Then, after confirming that subletting is allowed in the unit, the tenant who is in the rental agreement should contact the owner or management company responsible for the property. This will confirm the attitude of these parties, and there will also be the tenant`s intention to publicize Unterlease. With a sublease contract, a tenant takes care of another tenant so that he can lighten the financial burden of a tenancy agreement. Sometimes the tenant does so because he or she wants to empty the property for a period of time without having to pay rent, or he or she can only sublet part of the property to share the necessary rent.

In each situation, the new tenant is called a subtenant or subtenant, and he or she must complete the new sublease to be protected in the same way as a standard lease. With a sublease, the subtenant can pay rent to the original tenant (who is considered a subtenant) or to the landlord. In the case of a sublease agreement, a standard tenant who lives under a fixed-term lease may not have options that he or she may not have in most cases. One of the main drawbacks of a fixed-term lease is that it can have serious repercussions on those who violate the agreement – the least of them is a negative credit result.