Some of our services include downloadable software. We give you permission to use this software as part of the Services. Google services are provided by: By law, you are entitled to (1) a certain quality of service and (2) ways to resolve issues in the event of a problem. These conditions do not limit or remove these rights. For example, if you are a consumer, you will continue to enjoy all legal rights granted to consumers under applicable law. Finally, some of our services allow you to access content belonging to other people or organizations – for example. B a description of a business by a merchant or a newspaper article posted in Google News. You may not use such content without the permission of such person or organization or, as otherwise permitted by law. Opinions expressed in the content of other people or organizations belong to them and do not necessarily reflect google`s views. 1.

Denmark shall not take part in the adoption of the opinions of the Committee referred to in Article 18 of the Regulation on the service of documents. The implementing measures adopted pursuant to Article 17 of that Regulation shall not be binding on Denmark and shall not apply to Denmark. California law regulates all disputes arising out of or related to these Terms, specific additional terms, or related services, regardless of conflict of laws rules. These disputes are resolved exclusively in the federal or state courts of Santa Clara County, California, USA, and you and Google agree to the personal jurisdiction of such courts. Amendments to the Regulation on the service of documents 6. In the event of an amendment to the provisions of the Treaty establishing the European Community relating to decisions of the Court of Justice affecting decisions relating to the Regulation on the service of documents, Denmark may notify the Commission of its decision not to apply the amendments under this Agreement. Notification shall be made on the date of entry into force of the amendments or within sixty days. Except for the rights and obligations described in this section (in the event of problems or disagreements), Google is not liable for any other losses, unless they are due to our breach of these terms or additional terms specific to the service. Some of our services include software that is offered under open source license terms that we provide to you.

Sometimes there are clauses in the open source license that explicitly terminate certain parts of these terms, so please read these licenses. If these terms are contrary to the additional terms specific to the service, the additional terms apply to that service. We are constantly developing new technologies and features to improve our services.. . .