Since 1 January 2020, a marriage contract of 125 euros is also imposed. It is also possible to adapt the contract to exclude certain (personal) assets if you wish. Therefore, if you do not have full confidence in your surviving spouse to leave part of the inheritance to someone you wish to receive, you can exclude the heritage value of the marriage contract (and make the appropriate arrangements in a will). As part of your divorce proceedings, the English judge appointed in your case is not required to apply the French marital document. The ultimate goal of an English judge is to obtain a „fair” result between spouses who will be assessed with assets based on their needs and needs, as well as the lifestyle during the marriage during the proceedings. In large fortunes, the starting point is a 50:50 division of all assets after a long marriage. Everything you buy during your wedding is yours, even if you pay alone. If so, you must add the stamp duty of 0.715% in case of transfer of ownership in the marriage. Stamp duty must be paid at 50% of the value of the property. If the parties decide not to enter into a pre-marital agreement, the system of non-compliance with the community law governs a community welfare regime, the relationship between the spouses.

In France, a solidarity pact is a contractual form of civil union between two adults for the organization of their common life. It brings rights and duties, but less than marriage. The PACS was elected by the French Parliament in October 1999 to give same-sex couples some legal status. In 2012, 94% of PACS were between same-sex couples. [1] The French Civil Code establishes specific provisions relating to the marriage agreement. Civil Code (C. civ.) (Civil Code) Art. 1387 and following (Fr.).

The marriage contract that the future spouses signed before the celebration of the union allows them to define in a precise way what the relationship of ownership of the spouses during the marriage, the fate of the property, the benefits granted to the spouses will be. The French marriage contract is called the universal community scheme with the full allocation clause. This marriage contract is available to residents and non-residents, although in France the scheme only covers the assets of non-residents.