The objective of the Protocol is to allow SWAP DISTRIBUTORS party to hedging arrangements to include in such agreements an allocation of responsibilities in accordance with an interim final rule of the CFTC, published on April 30, for compliance with obligations under the CFTC`s external standards of business conduct. ISDA, the fxC (Foreign Exchange Committee) and the fmLG (Financial Markets Lawyers Group) have developed Annex A of the Protocol, which provides for the allocation of responsibilities between two registered swaps, as provided for in the non-recourse waiver. This Protocol allows parties to the documents of the Protocol to include, in the terms of this document, either the terms or a term defined in supplements to the definitions of the 2006 ISDA, the terms of each of those documents covered by the Protocol in respect of a document annexed to the Protocol that contains a sentence as defined in a brochure on the ISDA definitions covered; and (ii) in respect of a Protocol document that otherwise links to a relevant IBOR, add new scenarios for those relevant IBORs to the terms of this document covered by the Protocol. This protocol (which is not an updated version of the August 2012 DF protocol) facilitates compliance with CFTC rules regarding documentation (i) Swap Trading Relationship Documentation, Confirmation, Portfolio Reconciliation and Portfolio Compression, ii) User-User Exception to the Clearing Requirement and iii) Clearing Requirement Determination. Required compliance date: July 1, 2013. The March 2013 Dodd Frank Protocol questionnaire will be available to all users on May 20, 2013 on ISDA Amend. From 20 May, there will be live events every day (see isda availability note below). ISDA 2017 Venezuela Additional Commissions Protocol allows parties to complete their past transactions by referring to República Bolivariana de Venezuela („Venezuela”) or Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. („PdVSA”), including relevant index transactions, in order to apply the new conditions provided for in the additional provisions of ISDA for certain Venezuelan companies: excluded liabilities and excluded delivery obligations. The new conditions relate to sanctions imposed by the U.S. government by Executive Order 13808 of August 24, 2017, which prohibits transactions relating to certain types of bonds of Venezuela and other venezuelan-related companies (including PdVSA).

**IMPORTANT UPDATE** The deadline for compliance with this Protocol has been extended to Wednesday, October 25, 2017. Cut-off time remains 5:00 p.m., New York time….