Objective: despite its global deployment, strategy-based performance management is limited in the eastern Mediterranean. This article examines Qatar`s experience, the first in the region, in implementing contractual agreements between health care providers and the Ministry of Public Health to coordinate strategy, performance and accountability. Design: mixed methods, including tool development and pilot testing, guided by the performance management cycle, with an emphasis on translating knowledge and key principles: feasibility; Mandatory participation participatory approach by the steering committee. Results: Contracts require notification of 25 hospital and 15 primary health indicators to the regulator, which provides confidential calibration reports to suppliers. Scorescards were discussed with the regulator for factual policy decisions. The approach highlighted systemic challenges and learning for the public and private sectors: suppliers welcomed the participatory approach (82%), stressing that contracts were used to collect valuable and timely data (64%) improved health quality (55%). Interventions (s): (i) semi-structured interviews; (ii) review of 4982 indicators; (iii) Delphi technology to select indicators with > 80% agreement on the importance and > 60% feasibility agreement; (iv) capacity building for providers and ministry staff and a two-month pilot project, which is considered valid, reliable and achievable > 3; and (v) an additional one-year period, assessed by questionnaire. Recruitment: All public, private and semi-public hospitals and primary health centres. Conclusion: this experience provides knowledge for countries that implement performance management, reactive regulation and public-private partnerships. It proposes that contractual agreements, despite their binding nature, may be useful if clear principles are applied at an early stage.

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