At the end of June, PAFSO, the union representing the 1,600 employees of the Canadian diplomatic service, held a vote to ratify the preliminary agreement reached earlier this month. OTTAWA, ONTARIO – This morning, the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO) and the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) officially signed the new collective agreement for the Foreign Services Group (FS). You will also be surprised to learn that it was not until February 1967, with the passage of the Public Service Labour Relations Act, that the Canadian public service gained the right to collective bargaining. And later that year, the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers was born. „This is an important step forward for our members,” said Pamela Isfeld, President of PAFSO. „We can take everything in the advancement of the profession or profession as reflected in the gains we have made through this agreement.” This is an agreement published in 1990-1999. TBS has 180 days to complete its implementation, and it is set to remain in effect until June 30, 2022. It is truly amazing to think how much our working conditions have improved since then. Canadians believe that we have a work week of up to 40 hours, a vacation weekend, maternity leave and so many other benefits. But it is only through years of work and sacrifice on the part of the women and men of the Canadian labour movement that we have come to this point.

Today, we celebrate the achievements of Hard-working Canadians and the important contributions they have made to our country over the years. Verse from a poem by Laurence Binyon, entitled For the Fallen. A excerpt from For the Piège – Laurence Binyon „You will not grow old like us who survived. You will never know the insult or weight of the years. When the time comes for dusk and dawn, we will remember her. To: Heads of Human Resources, Directors/Chiefs of Labour Relations and Compensation, and Public Service Pay Centre, Miramichi On this day, our members and their families will take a break in Canada and abroad to honour those who have served Canada, many of whom have worked abroad. While Covid-19 has meant that many public ceremonies have been cancelled or scaled down, we will remember in our homes or with our colleagues, friends and family through virtual means. Chaque employee inquiries regarding these membership dues changes are to be be directed to PAFSO. Over the course of five decades and more, PASIS, small by public service standards, has built a reputation as a union of fighters capable of competing in the big leagues. We work tirelessly to defend the interests of our nearly 2,000 members while protecting, promoting and strengthening Canada`s professional foreign service. . .