The first is that there is less reason to require a change in a calculation to increase child support. The only reasons for an upward gap are that there is income that has not been taken into account or that the paying parent has income that he diverts from himself. Should I use the CMS to manage the child`s maintenance? If your circumstances have changed, you should contact the Child Maintenance Service (CMS), as your circumstances may require a „replacement” or adjustment of the calculation of child support. Farleys Solicitors has a specialized team of maintenance lawyers who can advise on both voluntary maintenance agreements and child maintenance service („CMS”). We have experienced family law lawyers in our offices in Manchester, Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington, Shadsworth and Preston. Both parents are responsible for the cost of their children`s education, even if they don`t see them. Access agreements for your children are made separately. They need child support for children under the age of 16 (or under the age of 20 if they are undergoing approved training or training). If you enter into a private agreement, you can continue to pay afterwards. No no. There are several ways to organize the maintenance of children. If you think a private agreement doesn`t work for you, you may be able to contact the Child Maintenance Service (CMS). The CMS can accept requests from: What are the changes to the grounds for challenging a child support calculation? How does child maintenance calculate child maintenance? For example, if the alimony to be paid is £100 per week, the paying parent pays £120 per week and the parent who receives £96 per week.

If you`re not sure if a private agreement is right for you, check how to choose a child support contract. Parents can enter into a support agreement between themselves through a private agreement for children. Maintenance contracts are written or oral agreements between two parents. A parent will agree to pay a fixed amount of money to the parent who resides with the child or children to care for the child. Agreements may be concluded either by a private agreement or by the application of a court order. The first is that if there is no agreement on the amount of care for each parent, the CMS will consider that the parent caring for the child/children with him to a lesser extent 1 night per week and will apply a reduction of 1/7 to the maintenance to be paid. If child maintenance has been agreed, should the CMS be included? Child maintenance contracts will always be a sensitive subject. For most parents, the payment of family allowances is a natural and simple process. But there will always be a few non-resident parents who, for one reason or another, cannot or cannot pay alimony. It is precisely for this reason and for the sake of the child that there are alimony contracts and the Children`s Aid Agency and should be used.

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