Application process: A FAFSA must be completed each year in order to apply for financial assistance from the SIU School of Medicine. III. The notification and authorisation procedure covered by this directive must be forwarded in writing to the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) by the author. If the innovation is the subject of a contract, grant or sponsored research agreement, the OTT cedes the intellectual property compatible with the terms of the research contract, financial or sponsored. When an application for an evaluation of an innovation is received, the OTT evaluates the innovation on the basis of its protective capacity and the likelihood of market success in order to develop a recommended procedure. The OTT will submit its opinion on the availability of innovation to the author (s) authors. In order to ensure maximum protection and respect for intellectual property rights, disclosure of an innovation to the OTT should take place before any publication or other disclosure of the innovation. Upon review, the authors may prefer disclosure to the institutional approval of the appropriate advisory committee if a nomination is required. In the event that the OTT believes that innovation has commercial benefits and the creator or authors choose not to promote innovation for institutional authorisation, the OTT may commit to supporting and owning innovation through the SIU-S rather than the author/author. 6. Selecting Insurers and Participants on the Sales Team Sales team Members of the sales team, including directors and co-directors, bond advisors, financial advisors and other service providers, are selected in accordance with the Illinois Procurement Code. The members of the sales team together should complete the specific needs of each transaction. The university reserves the right to use a competitive process for each debt issue.

I authorize Northern Illinois University and its agents and contractors to contact me with my current and future cell phone number, email address and other wireless devices about my student/loan account and any other debts I owe to NIU, or to obtain general information from NIU.