Integrated power grids can`t charge more than your local retailer`s rate. These maximum rates are not affected by the introduction of a Victorian standard electricity price offer on 1 July 2019, as this does not immediately apply to on-board networks. To learn more about the Victorian standard offer and how much you can be charged, visit the embedded Network pricing page on the Essential Services Commission (ESC) website. Embedded networks are private electricity distribution networks that serve several customers and are connected to another distribution or transmission system on the national grid by an upper connection point. In an integrated network, the building or construction site has a single point of connection to the electricity grid. The electricity is then distributed to residents via the site`s internal grid. Customers of on-board power grids who have not yet joined EWOV can contact us if they cannot resolve a dispute and can report it to ESC by email at or by phone at 03 9032 1300. The owner of a site equipped with an on-board network usually buys energy from an energy distributor and then „resells” the energy to the various consumers on the site. In some situations, the energy sold by the owner can be produced locally. Most people who sell energy in on-board networks are designated as exempt sellers because they do not need to be authorized by the AER as energy retailers. However, you must have a valid derogation from the AER and comply with certain rules. These rules are made to protect your rights.

If you buy your electricity from a released seller, you have similar protections and rights. These are part of the „exceptional conditions” that the seller must meet to sell energy in an integrated grid and may be different from those of consumers outside an integrated grid. If you are in an integrated grid, you can purchase your electricity either from an authorized energy distributor or from a released seller. However, consumers of an integrated grid may find it difficult to purchase energy from a vendor other than the exempt seller. This is due to the way the network has been wired or the fact that energy retailers may not want to sell to a consumer within an integrated network. All on-board networks must be members of the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) (EWOV). For more information, see the Integrated Networks page on the EWOV website. . .