An agreement with the intention of defrauding creditors or tax authorities is not applicable, as it is contrary to public policy. When a person enters into an agreement that requires him to do something that goes against his or her public duty, the agreement is not enforced because of public order. Because z.B is an agent`s agreement to obtain secret profits, because it is contrary to public order. Similarly, an agreement by a government official to acquire land in his circle is illegal, contrary to public policy. An agreement that opposes public order or the law is not valid. However, it is not possible to expressly prohibit the acts described in the treaty. The reason why it is difficult to define contracts contrary to public policy is that the application of public order is done on a case-by-case basis. Figure 1: A person `A` is convicted of murder. His friend „P” goes to court to reach an agreement to give order in favor of „A”. The same agreement is non-concluding. None of the parties can impose an agreement that opposes „public policies.” Public policy is the „politics of law.” Whether an agreement is contrary to public policy or not must be decided solely on the basis of general principles and not on the terms of a particular contract. Agreements that infringe on marital obligations are contrary to public policy and are non-agreeable. Example: A, a purohit was promised to Rs.50 considering getting a second woman for B.

Subsequently, A brought an action against B in order to recover the aforementioned amount. It was found that such a promise would amount to an illegal conjugal mediation contract and that the agreement was not applicable. As a result, the appeal was dismissed. The policy of the law is another name for public order. Public order can be difficult for many people to understand because it has no legal definition. What is considered public policy can change depending on people`s time and needs. Many courts have a conservative view of public order because they believe that public order is determined by judicial decisions and laws, not by people`s opinions. An agreement to restrict the marriage of persons who do not have minors is null and void.